Monthly Archives: January 2018

January 2018 dividend income report

The last dividend of the month rolled into my account this noon.

January 2018 dividend income

  • Philip Morris: 48.14EUR
  • General Electric: 2.84EUR
  • GSK: 22.65EUR
  • Nike: 8.44EUR

In total that adds up to 82.07EUR of after-tax dividend income, which is a bit less than the 86.05EUR I received one year ago. The main reason here is the weakened US dollar and the GE dividend cut.

Dividend increases:

  • Diageo: interim dividend: +5%
  • Omega Healthcare Investors: +1.54%


New buys:

  • I added more Pandora A/S and Vestas shares.

Overall, a pretty uneventful month. How was your dividend income this month?