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May 2017 dividend income report

Another early dividend income post as there are no dividends in the queue for the back half of this month.

May 2017 dividend income:

  • AB InBev: 40.6EUR
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb: 4.9EUR
  • Van de Velde: 57.19EUR
  • YUM! Brands: 2.41EUR
  • Omega Healthcare Investors: 8.51EUR
  • Colgate-Palmolive: 3.45EUR
  • Kinder Morgan: 4.18EUR
  • Sanofi: 25.89EUR
  • Warehouses De Pauw: 1 new share valued at 83.44EUR + 59.7EUR cash = 143.14EUR

Adding it all up gives a total of 290.27EUR for May 2017, my highest monthly dividend income to date and 27.11% more than in 2016. All figures are after all applicable taxes and fees.

Like last year, I opted for WDP’s share dividend and received one extra share plus a load of cash. This extra share should increase my 2018 after-taxes dividend income by around  3.12EUR.

So far I haven’t added any new shares this month but I did publish an article about my position in NVIDIA. Since I bought the shares in November 2016, my NVIDIA stock has delivered a total return of 66.19! This makes it the second-best performing stock in my portfolio. Surprisingly, the best stock in my portfolio is McDonald’s, which is up 94.51 percent since I bought it 2.5 years ago.

I must say I’m a fan of the new McDonald’s premium burgers, nice step up in quality. Here’s a new variety that’s offered in Belgium: