January 2018 dividend income report

The last dividend of the month rolled into my account this noon.

January 2018 dividend income

  • Philip Morris: 48.14EUR
  • General Electric: 2.84EUR
  • GSK: 22.65EUR
  • Nike: 8.44EUR

In total that adds up to 82.07EUR of after-tax dividend income, which is a bit less than the 86.05EUR I received one year ago. The main reason here is the weakened US dollar and the GE dividend cut.

Dividend increases:

  • Diageo: interim dividend: +5%
  • Omega Healthcare Investors: +1.54%


New buys:

  • I added more Pandora A/S and Vestas shares.

Overall, a pretty uneventful month. How was your dividend income this month?



8 thoughts on “January 2018 dividend income report

  1. Griphook Invest

    Found your blog today!

    I like your portfolio and I´m thrilled to see that you invested in Pandora and Vestas in january. Those two Danish companies are really high up on my whish list.

    I wish you the best of luck when you communicate with the danish tax authorities. They have a reputation but I´ve seen comments on swedish blogs from investors that have gotten their tax return after some paper work. As a swede I´m lucky to have my stocks in an account where the bank has operations also in Denmark and therefore will both handle the tax return for me and get it all back (not just 15%).

    As for the tax regulations of your country: It seems to be similar in many countries. Everchanging rules and a constant tug of war between the politicians who want to make it simple and attractive to save and invest and the others who want to seize as much as possible.

    /Griphook Invest


    1. Dividends Are Coming Post author

      Thanks Griphook Invest, looks like you read quite a few of my posts! I’m in the process of writing an article about Vestas, it’s just taking me a lot longer than expected as I’m having difficulty finding time to site down and write. I’ll post an update on the blog about the Danish dividend reclaim situation once I’ve done it, probably sometime this fall.



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