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Page last updated May 2015

I am a young guy from Belgium and started focusing on dividend growth investing in summer 2014. I created this blog to better follow my progress.

Why Dividend Growth Investing?

I created my dividend portfolio in summer 2014 but I have been interesting in the stock market for a very long time.

My first contact with the stock market was in the late 1990s, I was still a kid and it was one of those times when people rushed into the stock market to chase profits. I still remember stocks were a pretty hot topic back then but that changed rather quickly as a lot of folks suffered big losses as the tech bubble popped.

As a young boy I found stocks intriguing and for a brief time I even had a paper portfolio that I updated by checking the newspaper or teletext on the television.

After that I always had an above average interest in personal finance and economics but it wasn’t until 2007 when I bought my first stocks – a couple of months before the financial crisis made a big turmoil. Long story short: I thought I was pretty smart and like a lot of people I lost a bunch of money betting on financials, tech firms, biotech, and so on.confused-graph

I liquidated most of my portfolio at a loss and afterwards I didn’t really look at the stock market until mid 2014 when I stumbled upon dividend investing. One of the stocks I had bought in 2007 was Intel (INTC), I had subscribed to the news section on the company’s investor page so every once in a while I received e-mails about Intel’s financial results, new products, new investments and of course also the company’s dividend declarations.

When I first bought my Intel shares the stock paid 11.25 cents per share, which corresponded to a dividend yield of around 2 percent. I didn’t think much of this as the yield was small versus a savings account back then, especially because the dividend got double-taxed and I only got to keep about 2/3rds of it after tax.

I sold the stock after a short time but over the years I kept getting these dividend e-mails from Intel and around mid-2014 it finally hit me that Intel’s dividend had doubled in only seven years time! I was intrigued by this realization and after a couple of Google searches I discovered there’s a pretty big online community centered around dividend growth investing.


Sadly I missed the massive stock market boom that started in 2009 but after a couple of weeks of research I decided to give dividend investing a shot as I felt very comfortable with this strategy. While valuations of a lot of companies were pretty stretched, I felt dividend growth investing in large and/or stable companies offered a pretty good way to generate decent returns over the long run without taking excessive risk.

While it’s conceivable that one or perhaps even several of the companies I invest in may face severe headwinds or even go belly up, I believe the chance of a diversified dividend portfolio becoming worthless is unthinkable unless we face an event similar to the fall of the Western Roman Empire. As such, I figured the risk of this strategy is small if you’re doing this with a multi-decade focus.

I know a lot of people favor S&P500 index trackers (or other ETFs) and/or mutual funds but that’s not really my cup of tea. While investing in index trackers immediately gives you wide diversification, it’s a bit too boring for my taste. I like the personal connection to companies that you get by buying individual stocks.

So in the summer of 2014, I opened an investing account and started my dividend growth investing journey by buying 50 shares of Coca Cola (KO).



26 thoughts on “About me

  1. amber tree

    Hey Dividens are coming,
    nice to meet you on the web. It is always great to meet a fellow Belgian.

    I am in index investor, but plan to have a part of my portfolio in DGI in an few years time.

    Good luck with jour dividend portfolio, I will be following you to see how things get along


    Amber Tree


  2. Roadmap2Retire

    Welcome to the world of blogging and thanks for sharing your story. Good to see more EU bloggers in teh community. Im glad you realized the potential of dividends and have embraced it.

    Looking forward to following your journey


  3. MidcapAdvisor

    Nice to read the background. As you’re European focused please take a look at my blog. I am commenting mainly on UK stocks, but these should give you a nice FX gain as rates begin to rise in the UK and definitely will not in the EUR for some time. Specifically, Easyjet may be a nice one for you. I really rate the company and the performance of the stock. They have paid a couple of special dividends lately which is a nice boost to those who place their trust in the company. I concentrate on growth stocks and dividends, or the prospect of future divis, is a siginificant attraction. All the best


    1. Dividends Are Coming Post author

      Thanks, I’ll take a look at your blog 🙂

      I’ve never taken a look at Easyjet as I’ve never really considered airlines. Pretty impressive dividend growth rate so far but their track record is pretty short.


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  5. Dividendsdownunder

    Congrats on starting the blog and good luck with your investing. I love reading people’s stories who aren’t from the USA or Canada, as most of their investments are all the same. 🙂



      1. Dividends Are Coming Post author

        Yeah, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. In countries like the US you can build a very solid and diversified portfolio without adding foreign companies into the mix.


  6. Dividend Growth Bunny

    Hey “dividendarecoming”, I want to say you made a great start in making a dividend growth portfolio as well as blog. I hope your blog will keep striving… As my opinion on Intel (INTC), that’s one of my favorite stock. It pays good dividends, low pay ratio, and they are continuingly increasing their book value. I also just started my dividend growth portfolio blog and portfolio not long ago.. please check it out at http://www.dividendgrowthbunny.com


  7. Buscando o Primeiro Milhão

    Hi DAC,

    I did almost the same in Brazil. I started with stocks in 2007 and 2008 we had this nice problem and was not good for my money health. But after 2011 I realized that was time to get back and since I’m investing in some bonds, reits and stocks in Brazil.

    Now I’m starting with some ETF in Ireland because I want to diversificasse my portfolio. In my case, I’m not interesting in stocks dividends because I’ll pay 30% to have it in US stocks however I don’t pay for receive dividends in Brazilian stocks.

    I also have I blog http://www.buscandooprimeiromilhao.blogspot.com.br but unfortunately it´s in Portuguese but I’m thinking in maybe translate some posts to English.

    Nice to meet you.



  8. Adem


    Leuke blog. Ik mis enkel heel wat items.

    -Je vermeldt enkel zaken over dividend, wat logisch is, maar niks over uw spaaractiviteit(spaarquote). Hoe anders geraak je aan geld om aandelen te kopen?
    -Ik zou ook meer inzicht willen in je “frugal” lifestyle. Huur je of Koop je?
    -Wat is je gezinssituatie? Ik ben zelf getrouwd en heb een dochter. Idealiter zou ik graag iemand willen volgen in mijn situatie wat beter is om te vergelijken..
    -Wat was je startkapitaal? Wat is je doel?


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dividends Are Coming Post author

      Hi Adem,

      Thanks for your comments. I started the blog a couple of years ago to provide a high-level, anonymous look at my investing journey. The goal is to build up a portfolio capable of giving me a form of financial independence. I have a wife and we bought a house but it is not my intention to provide very granular details about income, lifestyle or savings rate.



      1. Adem


        Thank you for your reply.

        All i can say is: the road to financial independene is more than buying dividend shares alone. It is a lifestyle.

        For example you bought a house: Congratulations!! Is it better to get a loan for 20 years or is it better to have one for 25 year which results in lower monthly payments, but a higher amount of monthly money availabable to buy dividendshares?

        What do you recommend for people who wants to be financial independent as soon as possible?

        Sorry for my bad english. I hope you get what i mean. Other than this, i think it is a great blog and i will keep following it!!


    2. Dividends Are Coming Post author

      Feel free to comment in Dutch, I’m just replying in English so the majority of the visitors can read my posts.

      The road to financial independence is indeed more than just buying shares. How much income you earn and how much you save are two big levers you can pull. It’s not really a subject I’ve written a lot about as I try to keep most aspects of my personal life rather private on this blog. There are, however, a lot of other bloggers that cover these items in great detail.

      About the mortgage, in the past I focussed on keeping my debt as low as possible. I did not start with building up my portfolio until after I had most of my ducks in a row. I started with dividend investing from a situation of having excess cash ready to invest.

      My advice would be to save as much as possible, without going too extreme as our time left on this globe can be shorter than expected.



  9. DiviWish

    Hey DAC, what’s your take on selling? Say the price of one of your positions went up by 50%. Would you sell? Or hold? Knowing that it would take many many years to make as much in dividends as you would by just selling?


  10. Mrs W

    Hi there,

    This is Mrs W from whatlifecouldbe.eu. I’m originally from Scotland but now I live in Romania.

    I’m writing to ask you if it’s ok for us to list your blog on FIREhub.eu – it’s a site a group of us started a few month ago to act as a kind of “home” for the FI community in Europe. We felt like there were so many American sites, and we wanted one for us Europeans. You can read more about it here: http://firehub.eu/start-here/ We have a blogroll of European FIRE blogs, a feed where we post the latest articles from the blogs, a wiki to collect FIRE information, an events section to list FIRE meetups happening all around Europe, and a section with contact information.

    I’ve added your blog to our blogroll. Please have a look and let me know what you think. If you don’t want your blog on our site we will of course take it off the blogroll. If you do want your blog to be included, could you please check your listing (http://firehub.eu/blogs/country/belgium/) and let us know whether the picture, text and other information is ok? If you want to make any changes just let me know and I’ll update your listing.

    Yours hopefully,

    Mrs W


      1. Mrs W

        Hi again DaC,
        Just thought I’d let you know that we’ve made some cool new “Featured on FIREhub” badges. You can download them here: http://firehub.eu/firehub-eu-badges/
        We’d be really grateful if you would put one on your site to help us spread the word about the site.
        Thanks very much in advance!
        Mrs W


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