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May 2016 dividend income report

The last dividend for May hit my account this morning so it’s time for this month’s roundup report.

Dividends received May 2016

  • Van de Velde: 59.64EUR
  • YUM! Brands: 3.77EUR
  • Sanofi: 26.73EUR
  • Kinder Morgan: 4.24EUR
  • Omega Healthcare Investors: 7.93EUR
  • Colgate-Palmolive: 3.40EUR
  • Warehouses De Pauw: 1 share valued at 73EUR (dividend reinvestment) plus 49.64EUR cash = 122.64EUR

In total that’s 228.35EUR for the month of May. It’s the biggest month to date and it’s about 12x as high as what I received in February, my worst-performing month in terms of dividend income.

The reason for this is very simple, May’s total  gets beefed up significantly by a number of European companies with an annual dividend payout rate. Warehouses De Pauw and Sanofi pay just one dividend a year, and Van de Velde pays twice a year but their big one is in May.

wdp building.png

A distribution center in Zwolle, rented to Wehkamp by WDP

How is your month shaping up?



One year of dividends since I started the blog

It’s been almost one year since I started tracking my dividend income for my personal finance blog. Over the last twelve months, I received a total of 1,062.62EUR in dividend income, which got reinvested to accelerate future portfolio growth and dividend income.

Looking at the numbers there are some interesting observations, the main one being that the dividend I receive varies greatly from month to month. Last month was an all-time high of 173.88EUR but in February it was just 18.31EUR.

August and February seem to be very weak months in terms of dividend income as I have few stocks that pay out during these months. May and April on the other hand are months with very high dividend income, this is mainly because of a few European dividend stocks that pay out just once or twice a month.

While the payout date of stocks is not one of the criteria I use when purchasing a dividend stock, it seems I could definitely use some more stocks that pay in February and August to balance things a bit more.

Over the next twelve months, I expect to receive dividend income in excess of 1,236.26EUR. I’m getting a bit more speculative here but I think that unless I suffer another big dividend cut, the 2017 figure will likely be in excess of 1,400EUR. All figures mentioned are after all applicable taxes.


How much does your dividend income fluctuate? Do you have wild month-to-month swings or do you focus on creating a balance?