May 2016 dividend income report

The last dividend for May hit my account this morning so it’s time for this month’s roundup report.

Dividends received May 2016

  • Van de Velde: 59.64EUR
  • YUM! Brands: 3.77EUR
  • Sanofi: 26.73EUR
  • Kinder Morgan: 4.24EUR
  • Omega Healthcare Investors: 7.93EUR
  • Colgate-Palmolive: 3.40EUR
  • Warehouses De Pauw: 1 share valued at 73EUR (dividend reinvestment) plus 49.64EUR cash = 122.64EUR

In total that’s 228.35EUR for the month of May. It’s the biggest month to date and it’s about 12x as high as what I received in February, my worst-performing month in terms of dividend income.

The reason for this is very simple, May’s total  gets beefed up significantly by a number of European companies with an annual dividend payout rate. Warehouses De Pauw and Sanofi pay just one dividend a year, and Van de Velde pays twice a year but their big one is in May.

wdp building.png

A distribution center in Zwolle, rented to Wehkamp by WDP

How is your month shaping up?



11 thoughts on “May 2016 dividend income report

  1. ambertreeleaves

    A very nice and solid month! In Europe/Belgium May seems to be the dividend month.

    My dividends (well, he whole 2) are paid as well. For me, SOLB is the big contributor. And June should be the same result with RDSA that went ex-dividend yesterday and pays in June

    WDP and Van de Velde are on my radar. I want to have a Belgian bias in my DGI portfolio for tax reasons. Some of the companies are actually active Benelux/European, so, that is not a real issue to me.


    1. Dividends Are Coming Post author

      Indeed, lots of payments concentrated in May. One of my other Belgian companies, Moury Construct, pays in June though.

      I think WDP and VAN are both great companies, they still offer a nice net yield but unfortunately they have gotten a tad expensive. I wish I had bought more VAN in November 2014, when I purchased my first shares they traded at just 38.07EUR. In terms of total gain, VAN is now the second-best performing share in my portfolio and WDP ranks fifth.


  2. divorcedff

    Hello DAC

    Great dividend income you’ve got in May one of my slowest month for dividend income
    Keep the snowball rolling.

    Now I’m looking for an Investor that will invest in my Ecommerce that I’ve started in May 1st.




  3. Dividendsdownunder

    That’s a very nice amount of dividends this month from some recognizable names, nice job. We are only at the start of our journey, and not many Australian companies pay in May, so we only got 1 payment this month, which we will be blogging about very soon 🙂



  4. Tawcan

    Great amount of dividend income for May. Isn’t it great to see that dividend income increasing every month? 😀

    I haven’t looked at our May dividend income yet but we should be getting over $1,000 once again. Very exciting to receive so much money without doing anything.



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