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November & December 2018 dividend income report

A quick update to close the year 2018.

November 2018 dividend income:

  • Bristol-Myers Squibb: 4.75EUR
  • Colgate-Palmolive: 3.49EUR
  • Kinder Morgan: 6.47EUR
  • Omega Healthcare Investors: 8.58EUR
  • AB InBev: 55.44EUR

That’s 78.73EUR in November.

December 2018 dividend income:

  • Unilever: 19.08EUR
  • YUM! Brands: 2.78EUR
  • United Technologies: 3.40EUR
  • Coca Cola: 10.21EUR
  • Hershey’s: 6.42EUR
  • McDonald’s: 6.03EUR
  • YUM! China: 1.22EUR
  • Royal Dutch Shell: 66.83EUR
  • NVIDIA: 1.55EUR
  • Gilead: 22.69EUR

And another 140.21EUR for December. This brings the 2018 total in after-taxes dividend to 1,670.11EUR.

Dividend cuts and raises:

  • Nike: +10%
  • NVIDIA: +7%
  • YUM! China: +20%
  • General Electric: From $0.12 to $0.01.. Ouch..

October 2018 dividend income report

Another quick update.

October 2018 dividend income

  • Nike: 8.72EUR
  • Coca Cola: 9.96EUR
  • Diageo: 69.84EUR
  • PZ Cussons: 7.66EUR
  • GlaxoSmithKline: 22.97EUR
  • S32: 1.90EUR
  • Philip Morris: 53.87EUR
  • General Electric: 3.09EUR

As always, all figures above are after-taxes. Adding it all up results in 178.01EUR in dividend income for October 2018.

Dividend increases:

  • McDonald’s: +15%
  • United Technologies: +5%

Dividend cuts:

  • AB InBev: -50%

September 2018 dividend income report

I just received my last dividend for this month so it’s time for another roundup.

September 2018 dividend income:

  • Unilever: 19.10EUR
  • YUM! Brands: 2.72EUR
  • United Technologies: 3.18EUR
  • Hershey’s: 6.17EUR
  • McDonalds: 5.09EUR
  • YUM! China: 0.98EUR
  • Royal Dutch Shell: 67.40EUR
  • NVIDIA: 1.39EUR
  • BHP: 18.67EUR
  • Gilead: 22.14EUR

Adding it all up results in 146.84EUR in after-taxes dividend income for September 2018. That’s 15.33% more than a year ago.

August 2018 dividend income report

Another month gone. Still not really in the mood to write long blog posts so here’s another quick run-down of August.

August 2018 dividend income:

  • Bristol-Myers Squibb: 4.68EUR
  • Colgate-Palmolive: 3.49EUR
  • Kinder-Morgan: 6.45EUR
  • Omega Healthcare Investors: 8.58EUR
  • Novo Nordisk: 28.96EUR
  • Pandora: 22.66EUR

Adding it all up results in 74.82EUR in after-taxes dividend income for August 2018.

Dividend increases:

  • BHP: Final dividend +46%


June 2018 dividend income report

Not a lot of time to write so this will be another quick report.

June 2018 dividends:

  • Unilever: 19.15EUR
  • YUM! Brands: 2.70EUR
  • United Technologies: 3.14EUR
  • Hershey’s: 5.69EUR
  • NVIDIA: 1.42EUR
  • Moury Construct: 36.40EUR
  • McDonald’s: 5.14EUR
  • YUM! China: 1.01EUR
  • Royal Dutch Shell: 65.85EUR
  • Gilead: 22.41EUR

In total, my after-taxes dividend income for June 2018 came in at 162.91EUR, a 17.35% year-over-year increase.

Dividend increases:

  • Philip Morris: +6.5%


May 2018 dividend income report

Time is flying fast, here we already have the May 2018 dividend income report.

May 2018 dividends

  • Bristol-Myers Squibb: 4.51EUR
  • AB InBev: 75.60EUR
  • Van de Velde: 27.40EUR
  • Colgate-Palmolive: 3.32EUR
  • Kinder Morgan: 6.17EUR
  • Omega Healthcare Investors: 8.22EUR
  • Sanofi: 26.50EUR
  • Warehouses de Pauw: one new share @ 94.50EUR + 59.85EUR cash

In total, this adds up to 306.07EUR, marking the first time my monthly dividend income exceeds the 300EUR mark!