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January, February and March 2021 dividend income

Time for another big roundup of the dividends I received over the past couple of months.

January 2021 dividends

  • Altria: 71.27EUR
  • Philip Morris: 70.51EUR
  • General Electric: 0.23EUR
  • GlaxoSmithKline: 22.57EUR

February 2021 dividends

  • AbbVie: 9.47EUR
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb: 15.85EUR
  • Carrier: 0.52EUR
  • Kinder Morgan: 7.89EUR
  • Colgate Palmolive: 3.42EUR
  • Omega Healthcare Investors: 8.15EUR
  • Synchrony Financial: 9.22EUR

March 2021 dividends

  • BHP: 29.59EUR
  • Gilead: 27.55EUR
  • Hershey’s: 6.78EUR
  • McDonald’s: 6.38EUR
  • 3M: 10.25EUR
  • Novo Nordisk: 13.98EUR
  • NVIDIA: 1.53EUR
  • OTIS: 0.38EUR
  • YUM! Brands: 3.70EUR
  • YUM! China: 1.19EUR
  • Wells Fargo: 1.37EUR
  • Unilever: 21.98EUR
  • Raytheon Technologies: 2.10EUR

Adding it all up results in 345.88EUR for Q1 2021. About 8 percent less than a year ago, most of it due to the Shell dividend cut and due to a payment that shifted from March to April.

The good news is that the total portfolio value is hitting fresh all-time highs. I haven’t updated the portfolio page on this blog for a long time. One of the interesting things is that most of my best performers are stocks that pay no or a very small dividend. Several of my high-paying dividend stocks on the other hand have turned out to be absolute stinkers. I’m thinking about stocks like AB InBev, Gilead, GSK, Kinder Morgan, and Royal Dutch Shell.