My Portfolio

My portfolio, last updated April 5, 2022

The chart below only lists the value gains (or losses) on the stocks I own, the total return is higher due to dividends received. A previous version of the chart tracked market value, value gain and weight on a per stock basis but I decided to simplify the chart to make it faster to update. Everything has to be updated manually so it’s very time consuming. At a later point I may add a fully-automated version of the chart, but this is pretty low on my priority list.

I’ve nicknamed my portfolio the DaC fund. It’s very much a work in progress, but over time my portfolio should start resembling an index ETF. The main difference is I can pick each constituent by hand, I focus more on dividends and can micro-manage the portfolio as much as I want — which I enjoy a lot.

Small note: not everything in the table below is 100% accurate. It’s a quick and dirty copy & paste from a Google Sheet. For example, some of the European stock exchanges are wrong because Google has issues with certain stocks.

Name Ticker Shares Cost basis Value gain Weight Dividends Total gain Cap Gain
AB InBev EPA:ABI 99 8,492.99 -34.87% 2.51% 426.98 -29.85%
Ageas EBR:AGS 124 5,183.34 9.06% 2.56% 222.79 13.36%
Warehouses De Pauw WDP 372 3,844.62 298.84% 6.95% 1,061.61 326.45%
Philip Morris PM 103 7,085.40 28.18% 4.12% 1,767.04 53.12%
Baxter (SOLD) BAX 0 0.00% 0.00% 7.90 0.00%
BHP Billiton BHP 50 1,020.33 74.21% 0.81% 310.90 104.68%
Diageo DGE 58 1,563.87 76.99% 1.25% 185.07 88.82%
Diageo ADR DEO 41 4,048.79 93.05% 3.54% 485.17 105.03%
General Electric GE 6 966.48 -48.38% 0.23% 133.87 -34.53%
Gilead Sciences GILD 77 5,119.94 -16.85% 1.93% 500.02 -7.08%
GlaxoSmithKline plc GSK 155 2,952.83 7.04% 1.43% 728.54 31.72%
Hershey HSY 17 1,374.42 148.31% 1.55% 160.80 160.01%
Facebook FB 16 3,742.44 -8.26% 1.56% -8.26%
Idorsia (spin-off) SWX:IDIA 8 35.67 336.93% 0.07% 336.93%
Altria MO 170 7,430.65 11.17% 3.74% 627.90 19.62%
AbbVie ABBV 15 1,215.37 86.11% 1.02% 77.45 92.48%
Bristol Myers Squibb BMY 66 3,341.28 35.02% 2.04% 166.65 40.00%
Colgate-Palmolive CL 16 786.69 44.37% 0.51% 104.30 57.62%
Carrier CARR 9 142.00 160.48% 0.17% 3.52 162.96%
Kinder Morgan KMI 62 2,011.60 -46.04% 0.49% 232.10 -34.50%
McDonald’s Corp MCD 10 708.26 222.43% 1.03% 174.19 247.03%
Moderna MRNA 10 1,267.40 17.68% 0.68% 17.68%
Nike NKE 86 4,087.47 157.12% 4.76% 210.86 162.27%
Novo Nordisk NOVO-B 35 1,803.05 104.98% 1.67% 139.34 112.71%
Novo Nordisk ADR NVO 114 3,720.71 223.39% 5.45% 298.98 231.43%
Omega Healthcare OHI 25 774.70 -11.78% 0.31% 217.01 16.23%
3M MMM 14 2,101.06 -8.35% 0.87% 121.04 -2.59%
Moury Construct MOUR 28 4,197.40 125.47% 4.29% 441.80 136.00%
NVIDIA NVDA 76 1,402.85 1197.83% 8.25% 33.29 1200.20%
Otis OTIS 4 183.00 50.93% 0.13% 3.54 52.86%
Pandora PNDORA 37 3,264.68 -0.07% 1.48% 192.01 5.81%
PZ Cussons PZC 174 671.40 -36.91% 0.19% 62.67 -27.58%
Royal Dutch Shell B SHEL 240 6,627.69 -7.79% 2.77% 1,566.21 15.84%
Recticel (SOLD) EPA:REC 0 0.00% 0% 36.96 0.00% 304.91
Sanofi SAN 15 1,214.79 19.75% 0.66% 163.65 33.22%
SABMiller (ABI) 0 0.00% 0.00% 16.08 0.00%
Smartphoto EPA:SMAR 57 1,437.24 17.00% 0.76% 23.94 18.66%
South32 (spin-off) S32 50 18.68 866.14% 0.08% 13.74 939.70%
Synchrony Financial SYF 86 2,234.73 26.29% 1.28% 117.08 31.53%
Tesla TSLA 25 1,872.10 1245.72% 11.42% 1245.72%
The Coca Cola Company KO 50 1,515.19 90.16% 1.31% 311.06 110.69%
Unilever plc ULVR 540 24,357.74 -6.18% 10.36% 770.42 -3.02%
Raytheon Technologies RTX 9 539.00 51.79% 0.37% 71.49 65.06%
YUM Brands YUM 15 590.72 176.11% 0.74% 97.71 192.65%
YUM China YUMC 20 495.22 58.95% 0.36% 18.80 62.74%
Vestas (SOLD) VWS 0 0.00% 0.00% 139.55 0.00% 2570.290
Van De Velde EPA:VAN 38 1,755.86 -13.87% 0.69% 358.71 6.56%
VGP EPA:VGP 28 3,989.99 69.47% 3.06% 71.54 71.27%
Wells Fargo WFC 28 996.14 24.33% 0.56% 21.18 26.45%

Portfolio statistics:

Cost basis including dividend reinvestment: 132,185.78EUR
Current market value: 220,724.56EUR
Total dividends received: 12,895.46EUR
Capital gains: 2,875.20EUR
Total gain: 104,309.70EUR (+78.91%)


25 thoughts on “My Portfolio

    1. Dividends Are Coming Post author

      Thanks, I hope to build up a pretty nice portfolio over the coming years. At present it’s not diversified enough to my liking but those juicy yields from RDSB and PM have been hard to resist ;-).


  1. MidcapAdvisor

    Thanks for disclosing your portfolio. You have some decent gains there so I am guessing this was invested some time ago, before QE the world over. You are not tempted to realise a gain and reinvest ? I look forward to reading more of your blog.


    1. Dividends Are Coming Post author

      The portfolio is pretty young, I started it in August 2014. Some of the European stocks like VAN, WDP and ULVR really took off in the weeks before and after the ECB QE announcement.

      A large part of the value gains of my US stocks on the other hand are due to the strong dollar, a lot of these purchases were made when the EUR/USD was still in the 1.2-1.35 range.

      I’m not tempted to sell and reinvest, the goal from the onset was to build a portfolio with stocks I can hold for decades and that generate an ever increasing dividend stream.


      1. MidcapAdvisor

        I respect your focus and long run goal. Stick at it. If you have any inclination to research Midcap EUR stocks at any time as a sideline/different possibility, please let me know.


  2. DivHut

    Pretty well diversified portfolio for its size. We have quite a few names in common between our portfolios which is always nice to see. Keep buying quality dividend names.


    1. Dividends Are Coming Post author

      Thanks, I hope to expand it further over the coming months/years. So far I’ve been able to take advantage of free transaction promotions at my broker so transactions costs haven’t really been an issue yet.


    1. Dividends Are Coming Post author

      They have had a nice run recently, seems like the failed takeover bid from Kraft Heinz made the market realize there’s a lot of value to be unlocked at Unilever. The company just announced they will investigate what they can do to unlock more shareholder value in the short run, will be interesting to see what they will present in April.

      Good luck with the new blog, seems like you have a nice portfolio too!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. FDR

    Hi DAC,

    Nice portfolio you have going. I’m just getting started with dividend
    investing and as a fellow Belgian I have one question about your

    How come you’re not buying shares of Proximus (PROX)? It seems to
    be an interesting dividend investment to me. The share is relatively
    stable, they are under pressure of a government-shareholder to keep
    the dividend high and as a Belgian you avoid double taxation. But
    perhaps I’m missing something?

    Have a nice day


    1. Dividends Are Coming Post author

      Hi FDR,

      Thanks for your comment! There’s not really a particular reason why Proximus isn’t in my portfolio. There are so many great companies in the world and we can’t own them all. Proximus is one of those firms that doesn’t really pique my interest, I haven’t analyzed the company nor do I follow it closely so I don’t have an opinion about the stock.


  4. gonorthbalance

    Great to find out few great Europe’s companies in your portfolio.
    I have unpleasant experience with EUR/USD exchange rate for my first GM investment so for now I have decided to stay in my home continent share market 🙂
    Will be looking forward for new Euro zone shares in your portfolio.
    Good luck and all the best from Lithuania!


    1. Dividends Are Coming Post author

      Aha interesting to see you’re back into blogging 😉

      I’ll put it on my to-do list, gonna be a ton of work to update this list.

      Spoiler alert: At the moment, my biggest positions are Unilever, Tesla and NVIDIA.


      1. No More Waffles

        Damn, those Nvidia gains! Sometimes I’m salty I didn’t purchase into it back in 2014. I nearly did one day, then backed out. I would have been a millionaire by now. 🙂

        I hope I can get my Unilever position to your level one day. You receive so much dividends from them, haha.

        Thank you for taking the time to update this!!


    2. Dividends Are Coming Post author

      No problem, your blog was one of the inspirations to start this blog.

      The big size of my Unilever position is quite recent. I’ve been building it up steadily since last summer. It’s interesting to see the snow ball roll with this position. One of the few good things about Saxo Bank is the support for UK dividend reinvestment plans so now I’m getting about five new shares of Unilever per quarter.

      The funny thing about NVIDIA is that this isn’t the first time I’ve owned shares of this firm. I used to have around 5000EUR worth of shares 15 years ago. Pretty crazy to realize those would be worth over $650,000 today.


  5. Noah

    DAC, great to see another post. Have been following your progress for quite a while. We have a lot of shares in common. I personally stay away from tech entirely, but with the recent sell off, I believe some companies reached very interesting levels. I try to follow a barbell approach, meaning I combine high-risk assets (e.g. crypto/highly-volatile Uranium stocks,..) with conservative dividend payers. My dividend portfolio is now about 500k USD, and I got about 1,5 Mio in crypto (currently rebalancing it). Anyways, keep at it, talk soon, Noah



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