Dividend income July 2015

The month isn’t over yet but there are no more dividends incoming so here’s my dividend income of July 2015 post.

I received five dividends this month:

  • Coca Cola (KO): 9.33EUR
  • Baxter (BAX): 2.74EUR
  • GlaxoSmithKline (GSK): 22.15EUR
  • Philip Morris (PM): 53.57EUR
  • General Electric (GE): 6.52EUR

In total that’s 94.31EUR in passive income, which will be reinvested with my next stock purchase. I’m still a bit unsure which stock I’ll add next, part of me wants to add some more RDSB but I’m already very overweight in that stock so perhaps I’ll diversify into something like a healthcare REIT like OHI.


1 thought on “Dividend income July 2015

  1. Markus

    Really nice performance. I’d like that your bullish on RDS, I am heavily overweighted too in RDS-B. This might be the chance of the decade to buy oil. Move on my friend.



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