February 2019 dividend income

Another quick update. I’ll also start by saying that due to some changes in my life, I’m still dedicating a lot less time to the blog and my writings. This may or may not change in the future. I’m still building up my portfolio, but at a lower pace due to changes in my savings rate.

February 2019 dividends:

  • Bristol-Myers Squibb: 4.85EUR
  • Kinder-Morgan: 6.48EUR
  • Colgate-Palmolive: 3.49EUR
  • Omega Healthcare Investors: 8.64EUR

Resulting in a grand total of 23.46EUR in after-taxes dividend income. Really the weakest month of the year, by far 😉

Recent dividend increases:

  • Colgate-Palmolive +2.4%
  • Coca Cola +2.6%
  • Ageas +5%
  • Sanofi +1.3%



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