January 2019 dividend income report

A new year, some new buys, some fresh dividends, and some dividend increases!

Here’s an overview of the dividends I received in January 2019:

  • Nike: 9.78EUR
  • GlaxoSmithKline: 22.34EUR
  • Philip Morris: 54.59EUR
  • General Electric: 0.25EUR
  • BHP: 31.57EUR (one-time, special dividend)

Adding it all up results in a total of 118.63EUR in after-taxes dividend income for January 2019.

Recent buys:

  • 21x Philip Morris: Picked up some shares last month to increase my total shareholding to 100 shares. High yield combined with a decent valuation.
  • 25x Ageas: My first stock in the financial sector. Low payout ratio combined with a decent yield and an attractive valuation.
  • 86x Synchrony Financial: My second financial stock. Somewhat riskier should a recession come around but cheap valuation, decent dividend yield with low payout ratio and a high level of buybacks.

Dividend increases:

  • Gilead: +10.5%
  • Novo Nordisk +3.8%
  • Warehouses De Pauw: +8%
  • Diageo: +5%
  • YUM! Brands: +17%

As it stands right now, I expect dividend income of around 1,889EUR over the next 12  months. Additionally, I should also be able to reclaim 240EUR via my tax return in 2020, resulting in a total of around 2,129EUR.

Which stocks did you buy recently?


4 thoughts on “January 2019 dividend income report

  1. DivHut

    Pretty good start to 2019. Like the PM pick up. I’m still looking at tobacco for a Feb. buy. I have been adding to my MO for a couple months and both PM and MO still look attractive today. Keep up the good work.



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