March 2018 dividend income report

Another month with relatively little news.

March 2018 dividend income:

  • Yum! Brands: 2.58EUR
  • United Technologies: 2.98EUR
  • Hershey’s: 5.33EUR
  • McDonald’s: 4.81EUR
  • NVIDIA: 1.35EUR
  • Pandora A/S: 22.70EUR
  • YUM! China: 0.94EUR
  • Unilever: 18.01EUR
  • BHP: 15.31EUR
  • Royal Dutch Shell: 63.29EUR
  • Novo Nordisk: 11.58EUR
  • Gilead: 21.04EUR

In total, that’s 169.92EUR in after-taxes dividend income for March 2018.

Dividend increases:

  • Colgate-Palmolive: +5%

Other interesting dividend news:

France (of all places!) lowered its dividend withholding tax from 30% to 12.8%.



8 thoughts on “March 2018 dividend income report

    1. Dividends Are Coming Post author

      Hi ATL,

      No, only the money I actually received in my account. The excess dividend tax for 2018 won’t be returned until ~1.5 years into the future, and there are still too many uncertainties about that. But I expect I will be able to reclaim at least 188.10EUR for 2018. Not sure how it will work in case of legal cohabitation for stocks held in my name.

      The Belgian government will definitely like the extra money flowing into its coffers thanks to the lower French withholding tax! Also good for my position in Sanofi.


  1. Simon

    Nice month, keep it up!

    Being French myself but living/working in Belgium, makes me wonder if I can find a way to pass through a FR broker 🙂 Which Broker do you use ? I am with Bolero.



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