April 2017 dividend income report

The last April dividend hit my broker account this afternoon so it’s time for my montly dividend income report!

Here’s an overview of my April 2017 dividend income:

  • Nike: 4.50EUR
  • Coca Cola: 10.31EUR
  • Novo Nordisk (ADR): 21.81EUR
  • Diageo: 11.20EUR
  • Diageo (ADR): 31.51EUR
  • South32: 1.20EUR
  • PZ Cussons: 3.78EUR
  • GlaxoSmithKline: 28.71EUR
  • Philip Morris: 54.01EUR
  • General Electric: 6.52EUR

Now that’s a pretty large list this month and it sums up to a total of 173.55EUR in after-taxes dividend income. Last year my RDSB dividend arrived a couple of dates late and if I exclude that from the April 2016 income then I have received about 19 percent more dividend income in April 2017.

But May is going to be even better. There’s a large concentration of heavy hitters in May, which resulted in 228.35EUR in May 2016 dividend income. Some new names in my portfolio like AB InBev should push next month’s income even higher. My quick calculation point to a figure of just under 300EUR.

There were also some dividend increases this month:

  • Unilever: +12%
  • Omega Healthcare Investors: +1.61%

Omega Healthcare Investors keeps increasing the dividend every quarter like clockwork, while Unilever’s management made a new commitment to creating more shareholder value after they got the shock of their life with the out-of-the-blue takeover bid from Kraft-Heinz.


Just a random Unilever product… go buy some!

How much was your dividend income this month?


7 thoughts on “April 2017 dividend income report

  1. DivHut

    First report of the month I see. Looks like a solid performance from many of the same names I hold too. That UL increase was very nice. I’d love to add more but seems a bit expensive at $50+. Great results. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Dividends Are Coming Post author

      Thanks for stopping by DiVHut, I like getting my report published as soon as the last dividend of the month hits my account. I wish I had bought more Unilever in the past, had a quick look and my position is up about 50 percent. Not really interested in adding Unilever at these levels, seems the market is already pricing in big EPS gains.


  2. CanadianPassiveIncome

    Nice income and great gains from Unilever. Never knew Ben and jerry were owned by them. I think like soap and shampoo when I think of Unilever. Keep it up



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