Ending the month with one more buy: Diageo

A large part of the stock purchases I made since December focused on Diageo and this month is no different! As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I don’t mind adding to this position if Diageo stays in its current range and that’s exactly what I did.

This time I got my hands on six more shares of Diageo (DEO), which increases my yearly after-taxes dividend income by about £10.07 (12.96EUR). The only bummer is that Diageo pays just twice a year, but I can look forward to a nice dividend in October as they use a 40/60 split for the interim and final dividend.

As it stands right now, my projected dividend income for 2017 is 1,236.26EUR. The actual number depends on currency fluctuations, dividend raises/cuts, dividend reinvestment and the addition of fresh capital.

Which stocks did you buy this month, or which equities are on your buy list?



4 thoughts on “Ending the month with one more buy: Diageo

  1. ambertreeleaves

    The 2017 forward looking dividend is nice…!

    On my radar is mainly unliver and cofinimmo or some other Belgian REIT. Other than that, my ETFs.

    I do not know captain Morgan, but the commercial sure does look nice.




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