Dividend income January 2016

The last dividend payment of the month just hit my account so it’s time for the montly dividend income roundup report. Not a lot of my companies pay in January so there are just three payments, but two of them are fairly large.

  • Philip Morris: 53.61EUR
  • GlaxoSmithKline: 29.74EUR
  • General Electric: 6.51EUR

In total, that’s 89.86EUR in dividend income for the month of January.

This is also the time of month I’m starting to think hard about my next dividend purchase. There are a lot of companies I still want to own a piece of, but usually things like a too high valuation or too much dividend withholding tax hold me back. Companies that fit this description include Brown-Forman, Nestlé, L’Oréal, Novartis, Roche, Lindt, etc.

I wouldn’t mind picking up some more Diageo but another company that’s on my radar right now is Hershey. The stock dropped a lot over the past year and looks attractive right now as a long-term holding.


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