Dividend income October 2015

With the dividend payment from GE hitting my account earlier today I can close October with my usual dividend income report.

This month I received four dividends:

  • Coca Cola: 9.38EUR
  • GlaxoSmithKline: 21.61EUR
  • Philip Morris: 52.85EUR
  • General Electric: 6.50EUR

As always, these are the net dividends I receive after currency conversion and dividend tax. Adding it all up gives a total of 90.34EUR in dividends for October.

Over the last couple of months my portfolio has seen some double-digit swings, a couple of weeks ago my total return plunged into the red but thanks to the strong performance of the stock market in October I’m once again at a total gain of over 11%. While it’s nice to see the portfolio value go up so fast, the downside of this is that dividend yields on a lot of stocks I’m interested in are becoming less attractive.


6 thoughts on “Dividend income October 2015

  1. JC @ Passive-Income-Pursuit

    Another solid month of dividends. Great job. The rally in the markets has been annoying to say the least. I was hoping to be able to purchase at the lower valuations/higher yields but didn’t have any cash available. Oh well, another market dip is sure to come in the future.


  2. Geblin

    Another solid month. The price swings on the stock market is really crazy lately. I bought some stocks early this month and they are already up 10+ %. Crazy…

    Keep up the great work.




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