Dividend income September 2015

Another month has flown by, it’s time to take a look at my monthly dividend income:

  • Unilever: 9.76EUR
  • McDonalds: 4.75EUR
  • Royal Dutch Shell: 74.1EUR
  • BHP Billiton: 20.38EUR

In total, that’s 108.99EUR in passive income for September. Some months are bigger than other due to the way my portfolio is currently allocated and because some companies only pay out once or twice a year instead of quarterly.

The last time I checked my annual forward dividend income stood at 1044EUR (excl. any special dividends) so this is an above average month.


8 thoughts on “Dividend income September 2015

    1. Dividends Are Coming Post author

      I like it too, it feels great to see the number soar into the four-digit territory. Less than 20 percent of my dividends are declared in euros so the actual figure will vary depending on what the EUR/USD rate is up to.

      100k is still a long way to go though 😉 Next step is 100EUR a month.


  1. Geblin

    Hi DaC,

    Seems like a solid month there. I did receive dividends from the same companies except McDonalds(but those are on my watchlist).

    Keep pushing that snowball.



  2. DivHut

    Nice dividend income for September. Passive money rolling in, no matter the amount, always feels good. I see we share a couple names for the month. Long UL and MCD which has roared back quite nicely. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Dividends Are Coming Post author

      Thanks for stopping by DivHut. I’m indeed surprised by the strong performance of MCD recently, my gf thought I was nuts for buying it last year and now it’s one of the strongest performers in my portfolio. Including the currency tailwind from the strong dollar my MCD position is up 45% versus summer 2014.



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